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9th Bipartite Settlement Wage Revision in PSU Banks

Latest on ninth Bipartite Settlement Negotiation between IBA and UFBU about Pay / Salary / Wage Revision for PSU Bank Officers / Employees.
Latest Update on Bipartite Settlement Talks

MEETING WITH IBA – 13.06.2014

An informal meeting with IBA took place at Chairman’s office, Union Bank of India, HO, Mumbai on 13/06/2014 at the request of Four Officers’ Organisations.

IBA improved their offer from earlier 10% to 11% which UFBU rejected. On IBA's request to spell out our expectation, UFBU told 25% on pay slip components which IBA said not possible to consider. Further course of action will be decided by UFBU shortly.

Progress of 10th Bipartite Settlement Talks between IBA and UFBU
  1. Officers' Associations meeting held on 13/06/2014
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