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9th Bipartite Settlement Wage Revision in PSU Banks

Latest on ninth Bipartite Settlement Negotiation between IBA and UFBU about Pay / Salary / Wage Revision for PSU Bank Officers / Employees.
Latest Update on Bipartite Settlement Talks

MEETING WITH IBA – 11.03.2010

An informal meeting with IBA took place at Chairman’s office, Union Bank of India, HO, Mumbai on 11/03/2010 at the request of Four Officers’ Organisations.

The meeting was participated by Shri M.V.Nair, Chairman, IBA along with Shri Jagdish Pai, ED, Canara Bank, Shri K.R. Kamath, CMD, Punjab National Bank, Shri Dr. K.Ramakrishnan, Chief Executive, IBA, Mr K.Unnikrishnan, Dy.Chief Executive, IBA and Mr.M.Venugopalan, Officer on Special Duty IBA and also representatives of Four Officer’ Organisations.

In this meeting as earlier decided by Officers’ Organizations matters pertaining to UFBU related MOU on Pension etc., were not discussed.

We explained our subsisting demand and need for flexibility on the part of IBA. IBA Chairman was very positive and requested us to sit with IBA officials and sort out the matters, where after Small committee will meet.

Yesterday meeting was positive on some aspects.

Further developments will be informed.

Text of AIBOA Circular No 6/V/2010 dated 25/02/2010 regarding Discussions held between IBA and Officers Organsiations at Mumbai.

Officers' Associations submitted written proposals on the pay scale & allowances to Shri. Ramakrishna, Secretary, IBA. The same was explained later during the meeting. In response, IBA submitted two new proposals on revised pay scale as under:-

Proposal I - 15000 Incr 600-700-800-900-1000-1100-1200-1300-54400
Proposal II - 14200 Incr 650-700-800-900-1000-1100-1200-1300-54400
HRA - 6%, 7%, 8%. CCA - Existing rates & Quantum to continue.
Stagnation Increments - Additional as demanded by Officers Associations not possible due to cost constraints.
Pension - Effective date to be from date of settlement only.
Pension cost calculation - IBA sticks to its methodology.
HRA & Hospitalisation costs - IBA unwilling to consider request of Officers Organisations to rework these costs.
Pension Settlements - IBA to give draft agreement to Officers Organisations shortly.
Residual Issues - Officers Organisations to submit list to IBA shortly.

Officers organisations agreed to respond to IBA on these proposals in the next meeting.

No date has been decided for next meeting with IBA. IBA desires early finalisation of excercise but its approach not very flexible/conducive for the same. Stalemate position continues on almost all major points since IBA is refusing to consider our joint proposals.

AIBOA has made it clear that all proposals regarding Pension costing like SBI Balancing, Cost of Pension and date of effect will be decided on the basis of UFBU decision as this issue is decided earlier through MoU with IBA.

Developments will be informed in due course.

  1. 21/02/2010 - IBA has now fixed next round of negotiations with Officers' Associations on 25/02/2010 at 10:30AM and with workmen Unions in the afternoon on the same day at Mumbai. Construction of Basic pay structure and other preparations are under progress.

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