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The formation of All India Bank Officers' Assocation [AIBOA] was the outcome of the conscious decision of Baroda General Council of AIBEA in 1979. Even though it is a fact that many stalwarts of AIBEA in yester years and the legendanary figure Com. H. L. Parwana were themselves officers and executives, who were among those who founded AIBEA and contributed to its growth and consolidation. It is a fact that the decision to form AIBOA took a colossal time of 10 years after nationalization and a far-fetched national debate of very slow and negative dimensions, which delayed the process of AIBOA formation.

AIBOA was formed on 14th February 1981 at its foundation conference in Nagpur, witnessed by over 800 Delegates and Observers, Officers and award staff, greeted and blessed by TU leaders like Com. A. B. Bardhan, Com. Prabhat Kar and others. The conference gave a great hope to Bank Officers towards a new dimension to their role. The Presidium consisting of Com. P. K. Sengupta, Com. S. K. Lamba, Com. Prabhat Kar and Com. P. S. Sundaresan conducted the proceedings of the Conference attended by delegates from 30 Banks heralded the birth of AIBOA at Nagpur on 14.02.1981.

AIBEA heightened in its consciousness by the betrayal of AICOBOO in 1979 struggle on wage freeze and reduced DA formula and chartered by the longest ever all India 74 days strike in Andhra Bank on Officers right to be in a composite union which was left to be arbitrated by the then Labour Minister, took steps to usher in AIBOA as an independent platform for Bank officers with constant and continuous co-ordination with AIBEA to promote healthy industrial relations/atmosphere and to protect Bank officers' interest against all Government attempts to bureaucratize the industry and its workforce.

No sooner AIBOA was formed, Com. Prabhat Kar, its Founder President moved Govt. of India for its negotiating status. His voice was so powerful that the Finance Ministry understood that Officers settlement without AIBOA would be impossible and hence Government directed IBA to invite AIBOA for official talks on 27.10.1984. A new history was created for Bank officers and their first signed settlement was arrived at 29.08.85 after three rounds of discussions on 27.10. 1984, 26.12.1984 and 04.03.85 with AIBOA. AIBOA gaining negotiating status with IBA brought the first ever-negotiated settlement for Bank Officers in the Industry in 1985 after a combined strike threat in 1985 by AIBOA and AIBEA.

Factually AIBOA is the creation of AIBEA not only to bolster AIBEA's strength in the changing scenario but also to develop AIBOA as the mainstream Trade Union of officers. It has brought glory in the best traditions of AIBEA, through achievements listed above, in a short span. Ushering in collective bargaining, winning pension, ensuring duty leave to officers' association functionaries, settling early wage revision, restoring back computer increment are all achievements unparalleled, given the forces it had to encounter and overcome. Its co-ordinated struggle for the industry and spate of strikes for reforms of banks are a new landmark in the officers' trade union movement. AIBOA founded in 1981 started its limping in its strides but all the same survived since Com. Prabhat Kar after formation of AIBOA in 1981 lost no time in bringing it up to the center stage by restoring Negotiating Status with IBA and Government in 1984 just after 3 years of inception of AIBOA.

The journey of AIBOA since its formation headed by active, vibrant and militant leaders like Com. P. K. Menon subsequently Com. R.J. Sridharan, Com. Alok Khare marked numerous strides, achievements after achievements for officer community. Under the banner of AIBOA officers' dignity, pay package, pension and all requisite benefits suitable to their nature of job was negotiated and achieved. The stalwarts Com. Alok Khare and Com. R. J. Sridharan hold the flag of present generation AIBOA high, firm and resolute in their mission to carry forward the struggle in the light of Silver Jubilee Conference resolutions/decisions against the newly spearheading challenges, prompted by Government and IBA in the era of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation.

Year 2006 is the epoch making for AIBOA as it completed its 25 years of successful struggle from pillar to post on 18-20 February 2006. AIBOA organised its Silver Jubilee Conference at New Delhi amidst thousands of observers' delegates, veteran leaders, ministers and staunch leaders of the country. Several resolutions, decisions were taken to face the emerging challenges in the wake of LPG era. Some important decisions were, to fight for defined working hours for officers who are saddled with workload in the mindless mechanization and CBS atmosphere. Women's convention was yet another dynamic step forward to have women's participation in large scale in the future struggle of AIBOA.

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