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30 July, 2016Latest News

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Observe ALL INDIA DAY - Save Public Sector Banks on 19th JULY, 2016

19th July, 2016 will mark the 47th Anniversary of Bank Nationalisation in our country. It is an amazing record of contribution by the public sector banks in the last 47 years that banking has been transformed from class banking in those days to mass banking nowadays. But instead of consolidating the gains of public sector banking and taking it forward, we find that in the name of reforms, public sector banking is being denigrated and private sector banking is being boosted and encouraged by the Government. Instead of expansion of public sector banks, the Government is talking of consolidation and merger of Banks.  There are overt and covert attempts to reverse the clock back.  Hence we have to intensify our efforts to thwart these attempts and attacks. Observe All India Day on 19th July, 2016 with mass mobilization of members in meetings, rallies, processions, etc.

 Yours Comradely,

     S S Shishodia                             D K Pauddar

 Gen. Secretary                           President



In view of Delhi High Court restraint order, our strike on 12th / 13TH JULY 2016 stands deferred.

Yours Comradely,

    S S Shishodia                             D K Pauddar

Gen. Secretary                           President



We reproduce hereunder the text of joint CIRCULAR LETTER dated 20/06/2016 issued by Com. C.H. Venkatachalam, General Secretary AIBEA and Com. S. Nagarajan, General Secretary AIBOA for information and implementation of our members.

Yours Comradely

S Shishodia



AIBEA-AIBOA’s struggle programme to protest against proposed merger and consolidation of Banks, particularly the 5 Associate Banks with SBI with a view to divert the people’s attention from the Himalayan bad loans in Banks .

 12th July, 2016 – All India Strike in 5 Associate Banks

 13th July, 2016 – All India Strike in ALL BANKS





  • Strike Notice has been served on Indian Banks Association. Our units need not serve any strike Notice on their managements individually.
  • Our unions in the Regional Rural Banks and Co-op. Banks are exempted from the strike action.
  • However, they will join the other agitational programme like demonstrations, campaign meetings, Dharna etc.
  • Dharna should be organized in all State Capitals by our State Federation and State Committees jointly. (Date can be adjusted locally to suit other conveniences).
  • Specimen of Poster has been sent already to all units. Posters are to be got printed and displayed before all branches/offices.
  • Mass meetings, local general body meetings, Areawise meetings, Committee meetings, etc. should be held in order to explain the severity of emerging attacks so that our members join the strike with awareness and confidence.
  • Similarly IDBI Bank is also facing threat of privatisation despite assurances in the Parliament by the very same NDA Government not to privatize the Banks.  Wherever required meetings must be held to instill confidence in the employees and officers in IDBI Bank because they are facing attacks like punitive suspension, transfer, etc.
  • While our organisational protest programmes and strike actions are very important to focus our demands, it is equally important to mobilise public support and political support. State Federations should chalk out action plan to garner political support by meeting by local political leaders and seeking their support. They should be request to issue press statement, etc.
  • Special meetings of the members in the Associate Banks should be organized at various bigger centres to extend our total solidarity with them when they are facing serious attacks of closure of banks and merger with SBI. 
  • Demonstrations, rallies, processions, etc, should be held on the eve of the strikes and on the strike days.

Comrades, all of us will realise that we are fighting a grim battle against the attacks on public sector banking, against our jobs, job security, our trade union rights and our safe future. Every effort should be taken to mobilies all our members in the action programme with enthusiasm, confidence and determination.

Let us move together and fight back.

With greetings,

Yours comradely,

S. NAGARAJAN                                                                          C.H. VENKATACHALAM  
GENERAL SECRETARY                                                          GENERAL SECRETARY
 AIBOA                                                                                            AIBEA   


AIBEA-AIBOA Meeting With Finance Minister

We reproduce hereunder AIBEA – AIBOA Joint circular regarding the meeting of top leadership with Finance Minister on 18th June, 2016 at New Delhi. Please go through the contents carefully.

 Yours Comradely,

  S.S. Shishodia


AIBEA – AIBOA Joint Circular

“Units and members would have by now received our joint Circular dt. 16-6-2016 regarding the agitational programmes and strike call given by our two organization to protest against the proposed merger and consolidation moves of the Government. We also took the initiative to immediately convey the same to the Government and accordingly, with the help of Com D. Raja, National Secretary, CPI and Member of Parliament, our representatives met the Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley this afternoon.  AIBEA and AIBOA were represented by Com Rajen Nagar, Com. C.H. Venkatachalam, Com B.S. Rambabu, Com. S.S. Shishodia and Com. S. Nagarajan. During the 40 minutes discussion with him, we raised and discussed some of the important issues concerning us.

 Proposed consolidation and merger of Banks: We conveyed our protest and concern about the proposed consolidation and merger moves, particularly in respect of the Associate Banks.  We pointed out that the closure of these banks and merger with SBI are not warranted and hence are avoidable. We further informed him that this agenda need not be priority of the Government now when the Banks are facing serious challenges of huge bad loans and the urgent need is to take effective steps to recover these bad loans and strengthen our Banks. Finance Minister, on his part, tried to explain the policies and approach of the Government to make our Banks more stronger and globally visible. We reiterated our standpoints and requested him to reconsider the decision.

Staff Welfare Scheme in PSBs :  Units are aware that most of the Banks, in view of the net loss or reduced profits, there is a problem in allocation of funds under Staff Welfare Schemes and to continue these schemes for the current financial year. We submitted that since the huge and sudden provisions for bad loans have impacted the Balance Sheet of the Banks, and since the Banks, in any case have earned Operating Profits, some advisory needs to be given to the IBA/Banks not to discontinue the staff welfare schemes this year. He was appreciative of our submission and stated that he would examine the matter and then take a view on the same.

 Delay in appointment of Workman Directors: We brought to his attention that despite his assurance to expedite the appointment of Workman Directors in the vacant positions, the matter is still being delayed and thus preventing the participation of trade union nominees in the Board of Directors of the Banks. He assured to follow up the matter and expedite the same.

 Grant of North East Incentive Allowance to employees in Banks : We took up the issue of grant of North East Incentive Allowance to employees working in the Banks in the North East as has been extended to Central Government employees and in RBI.  He informed that he will look into the matter after calling for the details of the issue involved.

 We thanked him for providing us the time to meet him at short notice and for hearing for representations patiently.

 We also conveyed our thanks to Com D Raja for arranging this meeting and for participating in the discussions and extending his support to our cause.

Comrades, as far as our demands on banking sector reforms are concerned we must be clear that while it is important for us to meet various authorities to convey our views and suggestions, no illusions should be entertained that such demands will be immediately accepted by them. Hence it is very important to continue our campaign and struggle including our agitational and strike programmes.

With greetings,

Yours comradely, 



On this Great Day "MAY DAY" we convey our "Red Salute" to you all.

Let us work together to unite working class.


R.L.GROVER                                               D.K.PAUDDAR                                           S.S.SHISODIA

    Chariman                                                                     President                                                                 General Secretary




Revolutionary  Greetings to All on the Foundation Day of AIBEA


R.L.GROVER                                               D.K.PAUDDAR                                           S.S.SHISODIA

          Chariman                                                     President                                               General Secretary 


125th Birth Anniversary of ‘Babsaheb’ Dr. Bhimrao  Ambedkar 

On 14th April 2016, we are celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. Bhim Rao Baba Saheb Ambedkar. An iconic personality in the annals of histroy of India who still alive in the hearts of millions of oppressed and suppresed class because he lived for the cause of perople. Let us take to vow to move on his path to enlive on his principles which will be a invaluable tribute to the ever guiding soul. 

R.L.GROVER                                               D.K.PAUDDAR                                           S.S.SHISODIA

Chariman                                                                                            President                                                                         General Secretary 






 Recovery in NPA accounts

A big Challenge

The war on NPAs in the Banking Industry is continuing on a strong footing. We OBC family can’t be excluded from having the burn of NPA. NPA’s have direct impact on profitability due to requirement of provisioning and due to stoppage of interest earning.  You are all aware about the bank’s present position. We are struggling hard on profitability front. Recovery in bad loans is a big challenge before all of us.

We had a joint meeting with our Managing Director and Executive Director on 25th February, at Corporate Office, Gurgaon. In this meeting mounting NPAs and its impact on our profitability was the matter of serious discussion. It was a commom concern of the Management, Association & Federation  to reduce NPAs . Hence, we appeal that it is high time that each & every individual of our bank come forward and whole heartedly participate in the recovery of irregular and bad loans to save the Bank from this crisis stricken position. Our leadership should also actively participate in recovery campaign and evolve strategy jointly with the management for recovery in their command area. If we recover and save the accounts from NPAs, profitability will increase and bank can overcome from present crisis.

Let’s pay full attention to the grim situation and dedicate our full energy in the recovery process. Recovery is like a two edged weapon. On one side we have to save the accounts from slippage thorough recovery of overdue and on the other NPA accounts be either upgraded or settled as per policy through recovery.

Treat this letter as strongest ever appeal to one and all and thoroughly involve each and every individual in this process. We are sure we all have immense spirit and energy to prove our commitment, contributing in the shape of huge recovery of bad loans.

Let’s all join together to confront the challenge in improving our asset quality and Bank’s position.


With Best Wishes.


Yours comradely,


                                                        Shankar Devdare                                S.S. Shishodia

                                                                General Secretary                                  General Secretary


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