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  1. Promotion from clerical cadre to officer cadre under merit channel - we have approached management to review the posting of officers. The management after discussion in detail, is agreed to consider the above request of all india oriental bank of association, as a special case.Click to view Circular 
  2. Talks held today (14-03-2014) with IBA, Important Issues of our Charter of Demand 5 days week, Regulated Working Hours, Pension, other Sercive Conditions etc. were Discussed with Positive Approach. Next date of meeting in IInd week of April. 
  3. Talks held today (03-03-2014). UFBU raised other issues like 5 day Banking, Regulated Working Hours, Improvements in Pension Related Issues including Switch Over from NPS to Old Pension Scheme, Housing and Hospitalisation and also Demanded Adequate Wage Increase. IBA assured that these matters will be discussed with Finance Ministry on 5th instant and thereafter hold negotiations within 10 days. Circular follows. 
  4. Today (28-02-2014) Bank's Board approved 19 vacancies for DGM Post for 2014-15. 
  5. UFBU met on 20-2-14, reviewed the impact of the two day's strike and decided to chalk out further course of action based on the outcome of meeting with IBA scheduled on 3rd March 14. 
  6. Today (06-02-14) CLC advised IBA to prepone meeting to settle the issue & UFBU to defer Strike. UFBU assured to review its stand subject to acceptable offer from IBA. Conciliation inconclusive. Strike Stands.Click to view Circular
  7. Congratulations - Com. Narendra Kotiawala - on being nominated as Officer Employee Director on the Board of OBC. 
  8. Today (27-01-14) IBA's offer of 10% is rejected & talk stalement continue. UFBU declared STRIKE on 10th& 11th February 2014. Circular Follows. 
  9. Today (17-01-14) IBA's revised offer is Rs.6450 Crores i.e. 9.5% in payslip i.e. total increase of about 12%. Last offer was 5% in payslip which is 9.17% or Rs.5148 Crores. Next Negotiation meeting is on 27-01-2014. 20th & 21st Strike Deffered. 
  10. In Today's (13-01-2014) Conciliation Meeting CLC advised the IBA to call the Unions for Negotiations immediately and conduct the meetings fortnightly on regular basis to Finalize Wage Revision at the Earliest. IBA offered to hold teh meeting on 17th Jan 2014. UFBU said it would attend the meeting with open mind. Further Decision on the Strike action depends on the outcome of the meeting. 
  11. the letter addressed to all bank's chairman from aiboa on cts uniform holidays - for information and followup with individual banks by our units.Click to view Circular 
  12. Projected DA increase for Nov & Dec 13 - 32 slabs.  
  13. IBA has not come out with any proposal on wage increase as assured in last meeting. UFBU declared Stirke on 20th & 21st Jan2014. CLC calls for conciliation meeting on 13th Jan 14. IBA calls for negotiations on 29th Jan2014. Hence UFBU appeals - All Units to effectively prepare for Strike call and implement all the programs successfully. 
  14. 48 hours Strike - on 20th & 21st Jan 2014 i.e.(from 6am on 20th Jan to 6am on 22 Jan 2014). Click to view Circular 
  15. Congratulations !! 3rd Conference of Bangalore Region Committee Successfully held on 29th Dec. 13 at Bangalore. Com.Shreekumar and Com. Rudramani Re-elected as President and General Secretary respectively. 
  16. AIBOA Twin Morchas to Parliament on 11th & 12th December 2013.Click to view Circular
  17. New DA wef 1st Nov 2013 to go up by 48 slabs. Rise of 7.20% from 88.95% to 96.15% i.e.641/-.Click to view Circular
  18. In today's (11-10-13) meeting IBA has not come out with any proposal on wage increase as assured in last meeting. Other issues were discussed. Circular with details follows. UFBU calls for demonstration on 22nd October 13 in all State Capitals and major centres demanding early Wage Revision. 
  19. Next Round of discussion with IBA on Wage Revision demands will be held on 11th October 2013. 
  20. Congratulation!!! Com. Samir Banerjee reelected as General Secretary of Eastern Region Committee of AIOBOA along with his Panel in Conference held on 22nd Sept 13 at Kolkata. 
  21. IBA held talks with Unions. Agreed for Date of Effect 01-11-2012 and DA merger @4440 points.Click to view Circular
  22. Increase in Inconvenience Allowance w.e.f. 01.04.2012 instead of 01.07.2012.Click to view Circular 
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Com. Narendra Kotiawala
on being nominated as Officer Employee Director on the Board of OBC.

Latest on ninth Bipartite Settlement Talks for Wage Revision in Banks

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